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Clients & Partners

Data Driven Health partners with Health Systems, Government, Payers, Life Sciences, Health Information Exchanges, Pharmacies, Employers, and Universities

Health Systems

Today’s health systems must be ahead of the curve when detecting hot-spots for COVID-19 and Influenza-like illnesses in the communities they serve. Our platforms enable these Integrated Delivery Networks to make granular predictions on upcoming surges of hospitalizations based on the datasets that we collect on a real-time basis. 


By sourcing our data and solutions, government is able to determine the disproportionately impacted communities hit hard by COVID-19 and Influenza-like illness and make decisions on how best to protect the communities in their charge.



Healthcare payers need actionable insights and real-time analytics to better serve their member population. Our data-driven solutions improve economic performance, operational efficiencies and patient outcomes.


Life Sciences

We support the life sciences industry through collaborations with health systems, government, pharmacies, and payers, and the execution of custom data-driven solutions which drive clinical and financial improvement for identified patient populations.

Health Information Exchanges

Health Information Exchanges (HIEs) are a valuable resource of near real-time data for the communities they serve. Our HIE partnerships and collaboratives enable a streamlined process of aggregating data and offering our solutions to participating organizations.


Retail Pharmacies continue to play an instrumental role in the communities they serve. Our data-driven solutions provide predictive insights enabling leadership to be proactive in clinical decision making.

Data Driven Health proudly serves Health Plans, Accountable Care Organizations, Self-Funded, and Government Programs to help close gaps in care, improve medication adherence, and ensure resources are wisely spent.