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Disease Surveillance

There is an urgent need for a comprehensive predictive modeling system that will help inform the decisions of health systems, communities, payers, government, life sciences, and pharmacies. Data Driven Health’s Disease Surveillance Solutions make the best use of structured and unstructured health data, integrating proprietary predictive algorithms so that health-related information can be shared in real-time.

FluDemic™ AI Prediction Center Premium

FluDemic™ AI Prediction Center is a Disease Surveillance Model that tracks and predicts COVID-19 and Influenza-like Illness to address the immediate needs of health systems and the communities they serve. This is achieved by sourcing clinical and non-clinical datasets into the FluDemic Machine Learning Logic, applying algorithms using regression models (and others) to support and predict hot-spot detections, as well as socioeconomic risk for spread. By collecting these datasets, we make granular predictions on possible upcoming surges of Emergency Room visits and hospitalizations in a particular community based on its socioeconomic characteristics.

Spread Visualizer

The Spread Visualizer provides a real-time view of the spread of COVID-19 and Influenza for any U.S. Geography with the ability to drill down to the Census Tract and Block Group Levels across the US.  You can set a time period to view the spread within a selected geography.  Data is polled multiple times per day.  Users can leverage these clinical and non-clinical datasets with our AI/ML algorithms to predict future surges and pandemics.

Trend Analyzer

The Trend Analyzer provides key metrics for  multiple patient cohorts. This innovative visualization tool captures historical and real-time metrics that make an impact allowing the user to view cases, admissions and outcomes at a granular level. 

Impact Intelligence

The Impact Intelligence Analysis is where most of the predictive modeling is taking place. Our proprietary machine learning algorithms applied to different patient cohorts forecasts geographies that are the most susceptible for future surges and outbreaks.

Are you a health system, payer or government organization interested in how advanced analytics can help you make better informed decisions? 

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Data Driven Population Health

Population Advisor is a national population health and quality improvement model that implements a simple and effective approach to educate and motivate clinicians to improve quality of care provided in their practice.  

  • Clinician Performance Dashboards provide a visual reflection of selected patient populations/performance measures – collecting both clinical and claims data 
  • Clinicians are able to benchmark their performance with their peers and the nation
  • Educational interventions and activities that close gaps in care
  • Burden of Illness/Cost Savings Analysis
  • Stakeholder Dashboard provides all metrics on National/Regional/State/Practice levels
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Clinical Quality Dashboard

  • Visualization of selected patient populations/performance measures
  • Real-time data, numerical tables, graphs
  • Benchmark performance with peers
  • Alerts for different patient cohorts
  • View historical data trends
  • Value based contracting metrics

Clinical Education

  • Guideline-based educational interventions
  • Content messaging from institutional leadership
  • Population health activities
  • Measurement reporting
  • Patient centric education/outreach
  • Value based contracting information

Stakeholder Outcome Analysis

  • Visualization of selected patient populations/performance measures 
  • Data segmented by clinician/practice/zip code/county/state/region/nation
  • Real-time and retrospective data analysis
  • Return on Investment
  • Alerts for different patient cohorts
  • Value based contracting metrics

Screen Shot 2022-09-07 at 11.30.32 AM.pngeConsent Solution

The Data Driven Health (DDH) Electronic Consent (eConsent) is a platform that allows research participants to use a computer-based consent form in lieu of the traditional paper documentation. The eConsent forms are distributed through an online survey to consent patients remotely or on site. eConsents can be accessed on a computer, mobile phone, or tablet and participants are able to sign the consent form electronically.

Simplifying longitudinal data collection and participant management leads to more meaningful interactions. The DDH eConsent Platform enables:

  • Increased comprehension through a patient-centric process
  • Accelerated form setup and deployment of changes
  • Enhanced regulatory compliance
  • Multimedia, FAQs, survey and quiz enablement capabilities
  • Improved patient retention and higher completion rates
  • Data to be centralized into a single system, supporting electronic and paper-based processes

ePRO Solution

The Data Driven Health Patient Reported Outcomes (DDH ePRO) is the patient centric tool that empowers participants to report on their own time, leading to a higher level of engagement and increased adherence, providing accurate, complete and secure data. The DDH ePRO tool’s flexible architecture streamlines the electronic collection of patient-reported data providing a simpler and better overall experience.  In addition, patient advocates are available to assist all participants in their study journey.